Easy Bronzy Eye & Red Lip Look

I'm a self-proclaimed make-up addict and make-up lover, but I also love to keep my looks as natural and fresh as possible. My style and skin don't really do well with super glam, super caked on make-up (though there is a time and a place). When I'm going out, this is my go-to look. 

I usually focus on one feature when doing make-up; something I learned from French Girls. Either you focus on the eyes, or the lips, never both. 

The red lip in this look is so bold and almost graphic so the eyes needed to stay simple. So I just did a bronzy eye  (using the same bronzer I use to add warmth and some contour to the face), and added the slightest hint of shimmer to the lid using my highlighter. 

This is my go-to look for a night out. How do you prefer your glam? Easy and natural, or all out? Let me know in the comments!