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Frank and Oak Ribbed-Cotton Crewneck Sweater in Carmine Heather- style apotheca
Ribbed-Cotton Crewneck Sweater in Carmine Heather Patti Straight-Leg Jean in Medium Indigo - style apotheca frank and oak

It's here. 2018. One month in, actually. Time to dust off your gym shoes, cut out all sugar and start your juice cleanse. 

Oh, sound unrealistic to you? That's because it is. 

The New Year is a wonderful time to reflect on where you went the year before, and where or who you want to be moving forward, but I find the motivational posts and shares on social media to be more anxiety-inducing than inspirational, which is why I've waited so long into 2018 to post my goals for the New Year. 

I realized that making Resolutions about "CRUSHING 2018" were not helpful for me or my mindset. I dont think I've ever kept a single Resolution in my life. 

Instead of making a NY resolution, I'm listing 5 GOALS I want to achieve to inspire creativity and confidence in myself moving into 2018. No, I'm not cutting out all carbs, I'm not doing a Dry January, and I'm not going to the gym 7 days a week. I'm setting short and long term goals moving into the New Year that are about bettering myself, strengthening my confidence and inspiring creativity. 

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1. Improve my photography 

I got into blogging in 2017 mostly because I wanted to learn about photography. I took a course to learn how to shoot manual, learned Lightroom myself through hours of YouTube tutorials and did a few free shoots for family and friends throughout the year. Although I learned a lot in a year, I still feel very stagnant when it comes to my photography. This means I need to get out there and shoot more every week - friends, family, strangers, bloggers, pets, babies, you name it. Email me if you're interested in shooting! 

2. Get on the YouTube 

Some statistic once said that a big 'ol 85% of US Internet users consume their content through video, and 45% of Internet users  watch 1 or more hours of video on Facebook and YouTube per week. If I want to take this blogging thing seriously, I need to expand my horizons to the moving picture show. So not only will I be working on my photography, I will be working on improving my video-making and editing skills in 2018 as well. Like and subscribe! (shameless).  

3. Be more real and accessible

I learned a lot this year about having a curated Instagram feed with well-planned outfits and content to share. That said, I learned a lot more about my tendency to  relate to users who are a little less structured and a lot more authentic in how they present themselves. I look back at some of my previous favourite IGers and now I think "How am I supposed to relate to your Chanel bag, $18 avocado toast and industry-sponsored trip to Bali?". I much prefer seeing what people are up to in everyday life, sharing in struggles, successes, insecurities and goals. I want you guys to get to know me better in 2018, so I plan to be a lot more real and a lot less curated. 

4. Journal 

I've never been one for mantras, affirmations or deep self-reflection, but I HAVE been one to put things into action after writing them down. I think I neglected journaling and overlooked the value of writing thoughts onto paper for too long. I've heard of the 5 minute journal and bullet journaling and I really see the value in these habits. Taking a couple of minutes to write down what I'm feeling, what I want to achieve that day, or to write down a friendly reminder of a larger goal I am still working on (e.g. paying off my student loan completely, beefing up my down payment savings etc.) is a great way to keep things in perspective and to reinvigorate yourself.  

5. Be Nicer to Myself

In the past, I've really neglected my own self care: staying up too late, eating foods I know are terrible for me, drinking too much wine...wait, can you really drink too much wine? I'm getting older and these things are catching up to me. Taking the time to stretch before & after exercising, doing Yoga for 20-30 minutes once a week, drinking more water vs. coffee and being more selective and thoughtful about the foods I put in my body will all be on my mind this coming year. A healthy body + a healthy mind go hand-in-hand. 

What are your goals for 2018? Share them in the comments below! 

Frank and Oak Ribbed-Cotton Crewneck Sweater in Carmine Heather style apotheca
Ribbed-Cotton Crewneck Sweater in Carmine Heather  Frank and Oak Patti Straight-Leg Jean in Medium Indigo style apotheca toronto fashion toronto style street style blogger


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