How To Pull Off Athleisure Style

trench coat style - artizia- athleisure look - style apotheca
althleisure style - camel trench coat - lulu lemon on the fly pant - style apotheca

athleisure style - trench coat outfit - lululemon on the fly pant - artizia - style apotheca
athleisure style - trench coat outfit - lululemon on the fly pant - joggers style - artizia - style apotheca
athleisure style - trench coat outfit - lululemon on the fly pant - joggers style - artizia - style apotheca

So what is "Althleisure" anyway? There's a simple formula to achieving the athleisure or "model off duty" look.

The equation for althelsiure might look something like this:


At least, this is how I see it. Basically, if you can pull off your usual yoga outfit and wear it on the streets without actually doing yoga, then you have achieved althleisure. This may be easier said than done, so I'll share my 5 favourite ways to make sure my gym outfits can look good not only when breaking a sweat, but good enough for brunch too. 

1. Start(ed) at the Bottom  

For me, rocking basic athleisure tends to revolve around the choice of pants. The point is to take your sweats, joggers, yoga pants or workout leggings and elevate them from the gym to the streets. These are probably my all-time favourite athleisure style joggers, from Lululemon. They're cool, breathable and perfect for traveling and they look awesome paired with my favourite white sneakers or even my most worn black ankle booties. In fact, these were basically the only pants I wore all over London, Paris and Amsterdam last fall. The point is that I can sweat in these pants if I need to, but I can also dress them up just as easily. Choose a pant that is versatile and functional, and maybe even embellished. Try a pair of leggings with mesh or leather detailing, or go with a pair of joggers you can easily dress up or dress down. I've linked a few examples below!


2. Add A Staple Jacket 

This is where the Everyday Wear comes into the equation. If I'm just wearing my favourite yoga leggings, sneakers and a t-shirt, well, that's workout wear. Once I add a good jacket into the mix, that's when the look will go from athletic to athleisure. In this case, I chose to add a classic trench for Spring style that basically goes with everything. Pair your trench with an oversized hoodie, joggers or leggings and your trainers and all of sudden you are in effortless cool-girl territory.  You can swap out the trench for a leather jacket or a bomber if that's more your style. The idea is to add a jacket as an additional piece to tie the look together and bring it out of the gym and onto the street. 


3. Your Favourite Kicks 

You don't always need to wear sneakers to pull of you athleisure look. Pair your favourite leggings with a black ankle bootie and a leather jacket, or a strappy sandal with some joggers to style up your look and make it a little more unexpected. But if you're all about comfort, stick to the classic jogger like the Adidas Stan Smith, Converse or a classic solid colour sneaker. 


4. Sunglasses

Think of your favourite 'model off duty' in his or her best altheisure style. They're often dodging the Paparazzi after leaving Yoga or Soul Cycle and hiding behind a fabulous pair of sunnies. A good, oversized pair of sunnies always just seem to tie any look together. They instantly elevate and add that extra edge, and that's exactly what you need to complete your althleisure look.


5. Pair Hi and Lo 

Is there anything in your wardrobe that always makes you feel just chic AF? Maybe it's a pair of designer sunglasses your splurged on years ago, or a really great cross-body bag that goes with every outfit? Take these key pieces you love, a bag, a hat, a pair of sunnies, a fantastic pair of shoes and incorporate it into your look. It doesn't have to be designer or expensive, but maybe more on the formal or fancy side. Picture a luxe bag paired against some activewear leggings and that fabulous trenchcoat you threw over your yoga outfit - accessories just elevate. 

What's your favourite way to rock athleisure? Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comments!


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