Sara in the Sky with Diamonds

What I'm loving about exploring photography is gathering inspiration from others. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and Tumblr, searching for inspiration with the aim to learn what I like in order to find my own creative way. One of the major things that is helping me get out there, learn and improve is to find some photos I like, and try to re-create them with what I have available to me. Not a carbon copy, but a re-mix. As I shoot, I learn more and more about my own tendencies, how to trouble shoot my camera, and about what I'm trying to communicate when I take each photo.  

These are my take on the uber-popular Brandon Woelfel's fairy light photography. You have certainly seen his works if you've looked at an Urban Outfitters ad or two recently. I tried to alter my editing to increase the luminance of the fairy lights, and played with the pink and blue tones in post-processing to try to capture this now popularized Hipster editing style. I'm super new to editing, so this was a huge challenge and many a YouTube tutorial was consulted.

It was a ton of fun to test my lens in low light conditions, and to try to illuminate my subject using the fairy lights as my own source of light. My model, Sara, was very easy to photograph. I had an absolute blast in this session, and can't wait to do more. 

Model: Sara - @sarathefangirl on Instagram 

Photography & Editing: Me