Athleisure and Chill.

Wearing: Kit + Ace trousers | Babaton bomber | Zara tee 

Wearing: Kit + Ace trousers | Babaton bomber | Zara tee 

Rings:  Citrus Boutique  (Niagara, ON) 

Rings: Citrus Boutique (Niagara, ON) 

Trainers: Nike

Trainers: Nike

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I know "athleisure" was a huge trend in 2016. Trendy still or not, I'm bringing it into 2017 with me. I'm a huge fan of adding sneakers, whether they be Nikes or my Stan Smiths to instantly make any look more laid-back and casual. 

These Kit+Ace trousers are the perfect mix of comfort and class. They have a looser, more menswear-style cut which hangs off the body effortlessly. I find the pleats help elevate the look further, where you can dress them down by pairing them with sneakers, or dress them up with a classic oxford shirt and black booties. You can definitely take these pants from Sunday casual coffee dates into Monday office wear. The best part about these pants (besides snagging them on sale), and Kit+Ace does this often, is the adjustable waistband detailing, in case you have a food baby that needs accommodating. 

Since it was the weekend, I was definitely going for a look that delivered both comfort and style. This to me is the perfect casual and chill vibe. I love this bomber by The Group by Babaton (by Aritzia, linked below) - it's the perfect transition piece from fall/winter to spring. It's quite warm, but not too bulky. I think you'll see me in this bomber a lot, adding it to an athleisure look with pants, or pairing it with bodycon dresses and accordion skirts this spring. 

And you can never have too many basic white tees, clearly. 

I would wear this look out to run errands, meet friends for a coffee date, or to the airport. Can't go wrong. So comfy.  

Wearing: Kit+Ace trousers (no longer available - similar here) | Gilman Bomber by Aritzia | Zara Basics tee (similar here) | Nike joggers


Photo credit: Halya Chase

Edits: by me 

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