Quick, Easy Date Night Look

Well, guys, the day is finally here! I've wanted to start getting into video for about a year now, and even had a ring light sitting in the corner of my apartment getting dusty for just as long. I just love watching make-up videos, vlogs and lookbooks, so decided it was time for me to not only watch, but to participate and create myself. I still have A LOT to learn (focus, lighting, white balance, make-up skills...), and making this particular video was frustrating as hell, but I did it and I am proud to share this short and sweet YouTube video with you. 

I don't really wear much make-up, but I have so much of it and want to start playing with it more. You guys will definitely be growing with me as I explore beauty videos on YouTube. I created a super quick, easy date night look (date night because, well, there's glitter) and decided to make it a little more bouncy in heyclaire style and fun in my editing since I hate the sound of my own voice and she is my inspiration. Products will be listed and linked below! 

I hope you enjoy!

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